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Let's Talk Series

Let's Talk Series

Join Ohio REALTORS as we start a new FREE educational/awareness series, "Let's Talk." These webinars bring more knowledge and awareness around important REALTOR topics.

2024 Series

No Person Left Behind: Truly Inclusive Design | August 2023

This hour-long webinar explores the issues of urban design, planning, architecture, mobility and universal design

2023 Series

Home Rule Recording | March 15

Home rule power is special authority granted to municipalities (such as cities and villages) through Article 18 of the Ohio Constitution. It allows municipalities to create laws and take action for which the Ohio Revised Code does not specifically give authority. In short, home rule essentially gives municipalities more power and flexibility.

2022 Series

National Flood Insurance Program 2.0 with NAR & FEMA | Hear how Ohio's flood insurance rates are expected drop and why
Power Point 
| VIDEO  (Passcode: 5sfk&p.4) | NAR Resources

Ohio's Transportation Infrastructure | Featuring Mitch Blackford, Assistant Director, Field Operations, Ohio Dept. of Transportation

Septic and Sewage Rules and Regulations | Featured Audrey Blakeman, Sanitarian Program Specialist, Ohio Dept. of Health
Power Point | VIDEO