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The National Association of REALTORS is on trial in Kansas City, Mo., to present facts, and laws about pro-consumer, pro-competition rules.

NAR, along with HomeServices of America and Keller Williams Realty, are in court for the trial of Burnett et al v. National Association of REALTORS et al. NAR will present the facts and law about its pro-consumer, pro-business competition rules that plaintiffs call into question.

The trial is expected to go on three weeks with a verdict expected by Nov. 10. Plaintiffs in the case allege commission rates are too high, buyer brokers are being paid too much, and NAR’s Code of Ethics and MLS Handbook, along with the corporate defendants’ practices, lead to set pricing. The case covers the Kansas City, Mo.; St. Louis; Springfield, Mo.; and Columbia, Mo., markets.

Ohio REALTORS is actively monitoring the trial. Stay tuned here for the latest news and updates as the trial unfolds.

Read more about NAR’s position, what’s at stake, potential trial outcomes and what you can do to help tell the REALTOR story by clicking here.


Burnett Trial Updates