Ohio Realtors

Award Program: Presidents Sales Club


2020 PSC Winners | For questions contact Stacey Dawson at

2020 Deadline has passed. Although the rules and cover pages could change in 2021 we have left this year's available for information only.

You can only promote your accomplishment after you have received a letter of notification (coming within the next 2 weeks) 

Rules: Individual / Team

Cover page must accompany all applications:

Print: Individual / Team ... Online: Individual / Team

REALTORS attaining the PSC award are among an elite group within the Ohio real estate profession--one that is a member of the select 2021 Ohio REALTORS President's Sales Club.

If you qualify for this award in 2021, you will only be among the top 10% of Ohio's real estate professionals.

Demonstrate your understanding of the realities of your marketplace...and advertise that as a member of the Ohio REALTORS President's Sales Club you are perfect choice in making the dream of homeownership become a reality!

PSC Rules and Award process:

Staff Contact: Stacey Dawson /