Ohio Realtors

Award Program: Presidents Sales Club


Become a member of the 2020 Ohio REALTORS President's Sales Club ... It's a smart move on your part

2020 application (postmarked) deadline: July 21, 2020 ... $100 LATE FEE WILL BE INFORCED AFTER JULY 21

Rules: Individual / Team

Cover page must accompany all applications:

Print: Individual / Team ... Online: Individual / Team

2020 applications: 60 Transactions / 140 Transactions / 220 Transactions

REALTORS attaining the PSC award are among an elite group within the Ohio real estate profession--one that is a member of the select 2020 Ohio REALTORS President's Sales Club.

If you qualify for this award in 2020, you will only be among the top 10% of Ohio's real estate professionals.

Demonstrate your understanding of the realities of your marketplace...and advertise that as a member of the Ohio REALTORS President's Sales Club you are perfect choice in making the dream of homeownership become a reality!

PSC Rules and Award process:

Staff Contact: Stacey Dawson /